The Concept

Mexico, Brazil, United States … the churros brands are very popular and meet a city public always in search of novelties.

Of Spanish origin, now the churros are not only reserved for funfairs,
they are consumed all year long, in town as in shopping centers.

The concept of Pas de Chichi is simple and innovative:

To offer in its Churrerias various versions of Churros and other pastries and sweets to success, and so, based on gourmet products and quality.

If the traditional chichi served with sugar or chocolate still has its followers, new variants have proved themselves around the world.

It is now possible to offer a wide range of churros to satisfy all tastes. Constantly listening to the market, we regularly offer novelties and amazing associations!

3 possible locations

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The Corner

From 1m2 – Associated with your
point of sale

It is a small stand to be implanted directly in your establishment (shop, coffee …). Fully equipped, it will allow you to offer the flagship products of Pas de Chichi to your customers and increase your attractiveness!

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The Stand

Take away and terrace:
15 m2

Installed outside, the stand is fully pre-equipped and is ready to receive your customers the day after installation. Located in busy areas, it will attract the eye with a neat design and quality equipment.

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The Shop

Take away, seating and terrace: from 15m2

La Boutique Pas de Chichi permet de prolonger l’expérience client dans un local dédié. Espace de vente, salle de restauration, décoration, merchandising… tout est conçu et installé entre étroite collaboration avec notre équipe d’agencement.